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Trouble with List Function using numbers

Question asked by brentjohn on Aug 4, 2012
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Trouble with List Function using numbers


Okay, after 10 hours of searching and trying, I need help.

I want a list to appear on a layout form (in browse mode).  This list would include fields (text) and fields of corresponding amount totals (number).


Field “Drawing Fee” (text) & Field Drawing Fee Total Amount (number).

Field “Project Duration” (text) & Field Project Duration Total Amount (number)

Field “Mileage Total” (text) & Field Mileage Total Amount (number)

And so forth.

If Drawing Fee is $0.00, then I want it not to show on the list, and Project Duration (proving the amount is greater than $0.00) would appear…

I was able to create this using the “List” function, however, the numbers are text and do not show the cents (.00).  Is it possible to use the List function with numbers?  See attachment.