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Trouble with onObject script trigger

Question asked by deathrobot on Jul 5, 2013
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Trouble with onObject script trigger


     I have a boolean field I'm using as a checkbox (non-zeros are "x", zeros are ""). The checkbox should only be available to the user if a field ("checkField") is empty. I'm using conditional formatting to hide the checkbox if checkField contains data. However, even though it's invisible it's still possible to set the checkbox to "x". I wrote a simple script that looks at the checkField, and if it contains data sets the checkbox to "". This works fine when calling the script manually, but I'd like to attach it to the boolean field itself so that if a user sets it to "x" when it should't be, it just sets itself back to "". I've tried every onObject script trigger, but none of them will trigger the script. I seem to be missing something, but am not sure what it is.