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    Trouble with PDF Output



      Trouble with PDF Output



      The Filemaker Pro 5.5 refuses print to file a useable PDF file to the desktop. It prints the file instead to the Filemaker applications folder in the Windows Programs directory.  The file appears there but it is not useable. When I attempt to open the pdf file, the Adobe Acrobat Pro reports:

      "Acrobat couldn not open 'name.pdf' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded).

      To create an Adobe PDF document, go to the source application. Then print the document to Adobe PDF."

      All was working fine until earlier this week when for an unknown reason the FM Pro quit outputting PDF files properly.  Tried resetting FM Pro printer preferences. Tried creating PDFs from different records and from different data bases. Reinstalled FM Pro 5.5 from disk and with updaters to 5.5.3.  The 5.5 installation would not update to 5.5.3; installer reported a missing windows file, a problem incurred duing the previous reinstall two years ago and which, seemingly, didn't affect the PDF capability. (I'll have to track down the missing windows file name again.) The problem with PDF outuput started just started this week.


      System: Windows Pro XP SP 3

      Programs: Filemaker Pro 5.5.1, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.x


      Help and advice is appreciated.


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          What method are you using to create a PDF?

          As far as I can remember, there's no built in method for createing PDF's from FileMaker 5.5. You can use a PDF "printer utility" to do so. Is that what you are using?

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            Yes ... I'm using the printer setup menu to print via Acrobat Pro 9.x

            Are you suggesting I need to hunt down the problem in the Acrobat application?

            Also, the error message I get when attempting to update the FM Pro 5.5 application is this:


            Error 1305. Error reading from file

            C:\WINDOWS\Installer\261055.msi. Verify that the file

            exists adn that you can access it.


            The file doesn't exist.

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              The Adobe Acrobat Pro appears to be working fine with other applications such as Quark 5.x and Quark 8.x

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                Has it been updated recently?

                Are you printing using a script or from the file menu?

                If from a script, try printing from the file menu and see if you can create your PDF manually. If it works that way, you'll need to open up your script and take a look. (Maybe the printer settings stored with the script have become corrupted.)