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Trouble with Popover

Question asked by FilipePimentel on Nov 18, 2014
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Trouble with Popover



I am having a hard time getting a popover to work. I have two tables (Transactions and Vendors). They are related to each other. 

If anyone could shed some light, I would appreciate. 

1: In my db I have in my main layout (transactions) fields that are related from a different table (for all transactions, we enter the details of the vendor. At principle. I created a popover with a slide control (2 slides). On the first a portal with the list from all vendors. When you enter the transaction you can open the pop over and search for the company you want then just click on it to make it stick on the layout. 

2 The second slide is a follow up from the first. Want to add vendors in case the vendor is not on the list. I have a button on the first slide where I have added a script to create a record in the vendors table. But there is where my problem starts. The script is wrong and therefore not working. Every time click on it it actually create a record on the main table not on the vendors table. 

My intention is to when a company is not listed, the user can enter the information straight from the popover. 

My tables

transactions ---< Vendors 

transactions ---< Vendors2 (relationship used for the portal inside the popover to display the list of companies and once a company is clicked, then it transfer the company to the Vendors field in the Transaction layout)

Any help is appreciated.