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    Trouble with Portal



      Trouble with Portal


      Happy Holidays.


      I don't know what I am doing wrong but I cannot get the records in my "Transaction" table to populate in a layout I have created. I have been successful before but I cannot figure out where I am going wrong. The parent table is "Project" and it has a relationship with the child table "Project:Transaction". I have looked in the "Transaction" and all records have the correct number in the "Project" foreign key field. I have attached a snapshot for review.

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          It looks like you have your match fields backwards. From the relationship graph, it looks like z_TransactionID is a unique ID in transactions and zkf_transactionID is a non unique ID in Projects.

          Yet you want to put a portal to transactions on your Projects layout. This would, at best, be able to show no more than one transaction record in the portal as you will be unable to link more than one transaction to a given project, but can link many projects to the same transaction.

          Looks like your relationship should match a unique projectID in projects to a nonunique projectID in transactions.

          Either that or you should be setting up a portal to Projects on the transactions layout. wink

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            What do you mean by unique and non unique ID?

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              I tried to understand what you were saying and switched the type of ids being linked. It still didn't work.... Is this what you meant?

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                A single line connecting to the box in manage database relationships tells me that you have set up field options that enforce unique values through one option or another. Crows feet shows me that non unique values are permitted. Auto-entered serial numbers, an auto-entered calculation with Get (UUID) and the unique values validation field option will all result in that single line.

                What I am suggesting is that you use a ProjectID field that uniquely identifies each Project record in order to link it to multiple transactions. This, most simply, would be an auto-entered serial number field. If you do not have such a field, please note that this assigns a new unique value to the field with each new record that you add. It will not assign values to existing records. You can update them using Replace Field Contents with the  serial number option.

                Now, if you have several transactions with the correct matching project ID value in their project ID field, they will appear  in the portal to transactions on the Projects layout when the current project record is for the project with that ID.

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                  Thank you... I knew this but somehow and some where I made a mistake. It is working well. I appreciate your help, Phil.