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    Trouble with Privilege Sets



      Trouble with Privilege Sets


           I am trying to troubleshoot different settings for different users. Working with FM12/13 but my solution is hosted by a third party who swears the server installation is "out of the box". I want to do the simplest of all things: prevent a user from accessing layout mode...

           I uploaded a brand new database file with nothing in it but two users: Admin and "Lynnette", which i gave Data Entry Only access to (see screenshot)...

           Even when I log into the supposed Data Entry Only account, I can still access Layout Mode...

           Is there something else I need to do or tell the server guy what to do??

           This is driving me crazy...help (please!)


           David Averbach


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               Under "FileMaker Network Settings", what option did you select for this file?

               There's one that allows you to "specify users by privilege set". Don't use that option if you want all users to be able to access the file.

               Of the accounts shown, only users that log in with the Admin account will be able to enter layout mode in the file where you defined these accounts. I would check to make sure that the file is really opened under the Lynnette account name when you think that it is open with that account. You might but an unstored calculation field on your layout with Get ( accountName ) to monitor what account currently has the file open. (Settings in File Options can automatically open the file with a specified account and password--so that's one way that a file might be open under a different account than specified.)

               And there can sometimes be confusion with the terms "user name" and "account name". User names are specified in preferences. Account names are specified in Manage | Security. Opening a file under a given account name, does not change what user name is specified. FileMaker then makes this a bit confusing by automatically entering the current User name into the Account name box of the password dialog when you first open a password protected file.

               And if you are trying to use Server Side Authentication, please let us know at that could be another major factor here in the results that you are getting.

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                 Hi Phil,

                 Thanks for your reply...

                 Actually, the Admin was the default account File Options....now it works....you really helped me! Thanks!!!