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Trouble with remote connection

Question asked by carey262_1 on Jan 4, 2009
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Trouble with remote connection


I am having trouble resolving an issue where a client can not see files hosted on a remote server.


The client is  running a Powerbook 2.6 Intel Core Duo with Mac OS 10.5.6


I am aware of the following issue:


"FileMaker Pro cannot see FileMaker Server hosted files when Secure connections to FileMaker Server (SSL) is enabled.  This issue does not occur in FileMaker products that were installed prior to September 22, 2008.  This fix is only necessary if you re-install your software, or for any new installations made after September 22, 2008."


The client has reinstalled 3 different versions of FM 9 (regular, advanced, and a trial copy).


The client has run the updates found at:


I have checked multiple server locations from the client's computer as well as turned of SSL on the server side.  No dice seeing files on any remote servers.


The client has tried connecting to servers via various ISPs and I do not see any firewall issues on their side.


I am baffled on this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.