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    Trouble with remote connection



      Trouble with remote connection


      I am having trouble resolving an issue where a client can not see files hosted on a remote server.


      The client is  running a Powerbook 2.6 Intel Core Duo with Mac OS 10.5.6


      I am aware of the following issue:


      "FileMaker Pro cannot see FileMaker Server hosted files when Secure connections to FileMaker Server (SSL) is enabled.  This issue does not occur in FileMaker products that were installed prior to September 22, 2008.  This fix is only necessary if you re-install your software, or for any new installations made after September 22, 2008."


      The client has reinstalled 3 different versions of FM 9 (regular, advanced, and a trial copy).


      The client has run the updates found at: http://www.filemaker.com/support/downloads/index.html


      I have checked multiple server locations from the client's computer as well as turned of SSL on the server side.  No dice seeing files on any remote servers.


      The client has tried connecting to servers via various ISPs and I do not see any firewall issues on their side.


      I am baffled on this one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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          hello.  I can definitely help with your problem, but need a little more information from you.  A few questions for you ...


          1) Is the server and the client on separate networks?  Are they only connected via the internet?

          2) Have you tested the connection from a different 'client' computer and does it connect from that other computer?

          3) how exactly are you trying to connect ... please give me step by step of what the 'client' is doing to try and connect and where does it 'fail'?


          Let me know a little more and we will go from there. Feel free to email me offline as well if you'd like. 


          Randall Mauro

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            Thank you for your reply.


            1) The server and the client are on separate networks. The client who is having trouble is trying to connect via the Internet.


            2) Yes, the remote server works very well for several other clients.  All clients connect via the Internet.


            3) we have tried connecting several different ways. The first thing I did was to send a hyperlink that connects to the database on the server. fmp7://serversaddrss.com/databasename.fp7.   this method has always worked for me in the past. Next, I tried using the "open remote" feature.   I added my host to his list of favorites, however none of the hosted files show up.


            Ultimately, we are able to successfully install FileMaker. We are able to run files on the client machine. We are able to add a remote host to the  "favorite servers" list. The problem is that we are unable to see any files on a remote server. I've even tried connecting to a completely separate server that I manage for another client. The two servers that I tried are with separate providers, so I believe this would eliminate the possibility that the problem is  on the server side.


            I hope this answers all your questions and I really appreciate you taking time to try to help! 

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              strange ... so other "internet" clients connect just fine ... but this one user can not.  Well ... that would tell me that it is a problem with that one person'' network. 


              Is it a laptop or desktop?  If laptop ... can you test it from a different location (to verify that the ISP is not blocking the FM ports??


              Is the problem machine Windows or Mac? 


              Have you checked Firewall or Norton ... most likely this is the culprit ... it is probably blocking FM activity.


              Any chance you have a different FM Server that the problem machine could connect to ... just to verify that it has nothing to do with the servers' network ... although I dont think it does.

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                Thank you for your posts.


                It appears that other machines are working except this one.  I'm assuming there is nothing specific to this machine.  That is, if you have a personal firewall for this computer, make sure you have port 5003 available.


                One possibility is that you have a damaged server.pem file.  You may want to get this from one of the working machines and copy it onto your machine.  First, make sure FileMaker is not running on either machine.  If you are running Windows, the file is located inside the FileMaker Pro 9 folder.  If you are running a Macintosh, right-click (ctrl-click) the application, and select "Show Package Contents".  Open Contents -> Mac OS and put the server.pem file there.  Once replaced, then launch FileMaker Pro and try again.


                Please continue to keep me updated.



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Thank you so much for your help. I ended up figuring out the problem last night.


                  My client was actually installing the SSL updater without quitting FileMaker first. Unfortunately the installer file for the update did not require my client to close down FileMaker before the updater ran.


                  Once I closed down FileMaker, ran the SSL updater, and checked for the remote file, everything worked fine. It took me a minute to figure out because I too tried installing the SSL update or without closing FileMaker first.


                  Thanks again to everyone for their help.