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    Trouble with reports



      Trouble with reports



           I am trying to run a report basically showing monthly revenue and expenses. However the expenses and revenues come from different tables.

           When I run the report I am getting one line for the revenue (amount is correct) but then I get 10 lines for revenues, all with the same amount (see attached). I have tried everything but nothing is working

           My tables: cashflow, plots and payment

           Cashflow will pull the month and expenses

           Payment will pull the revenue.

           There is not direct link between cashflow and payment, but through plot, as plot pull buyer info from casflow and uses payment so buyer can pay for plot bought. 

           Hope I am making sense. 

           It is driving me insane.


           Thanks for any help


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               What is the relationship between your revenue and expense tables?

               On what table did you base this layout?

               I'd use a combined table for both revenue and expenses as shown here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78737945/AccountingLedger.fmp12

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                 Ok...I just got to the point where I think I way over my head..I need to start over. With you guys help, I may be albe to crack this. What do I need: 

                 The DB I am building should report buyers, what they bought (land with its location I.e: plot 1 Block A) and the price and how they paid (normally they will pay in installments - cash or cheque.). Also this DB should track the company expenses (detailed). 

                 If paid in cheque, I want to be able to pull daily a report of any cheques that should be deposited in our bank account on that day (In Brazil it is normal for someone to give a cheque for a future date - there is the trust that the recipient will hold on to that cheque until the date printed on the cheque).

                 I accept any inputs on how I could set this database. 


                 Thanks you guys in advance.