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Trouble with script on IWP.

Question asked by ElvieFrey on Aug 5, 2013
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Trouble with script on IWP.


     I have a script that works if used on Filemaker Go or Filemaker Pro 12, but does not work on IWP.  The script is very long.  Below I have screenshot of a very small portion of it.  The first 3 "IF" statements are in place so the communication cannot be saved unless the "Communication," "Entered By," and "Hall" have all been filled out.  The Hall designates the work area. The script is set to go to the "Employee" table and find if there is a "yes" for the area that communication is for.  The employee table has the person's name and  a "yes" or "no" for each work area indicating if they do or don't  work in that area.  So if the work area is "Hickory."  The script will go to Employee table, search for everyone with a "yes" by their name by "Hickory" and then sort the found set in alphabetical order.  The names are then one by one copied and pasted into the communication for labels so that the workers of that area can sign next to it indicating they have read the info.  Like I said this works for iOS and and Filemaker pro 12, just not IWP.   

     The total script with the "IF" statements is about 1300 steps, is it the lenght of the script or am a missing something.  All of the steps are allowed if I apply the Instant Web Publishing filter at the bottom of the scipt when writing it.  Or if you can recommend a different way to get all these names over.  I want the names to be set when the communication is written, so that it stays and we can look back.