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Trouble with scripts

Question asked by AllenBrooks on Jul 14, 2011
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Trouble with scripts


Thanks in advance for any that take a crack at this question. I have a lawn care business and I'm trying to get set up with FMPro 11 Advanced. I have the database created with all my clients and their information, each with a different contracted price and payment due date. Here are my questions: (1) I'd like to have each individual record set up to automatically roll over from month to month, but as I said, each needs to roll over at different times. I have it set up now (with Conditional Formatting) that if a customer does not pay their bill (via a "Paid" Check Box set) by the contracted due date, the payment due date and a "Missed Payments" field highlights in red. The "Missed Payments" field also shows a "1" if payment is not received by the due date, but only a "1", no matter if 2 or three months behind. I'd like for it to actually calculate how many months the customer is behind instead of showing a "1" each time. I'd also like the amount due to multiply each time a payment is missed. For example, if a customer's contracted price is $125/mo and a payment is missed, I'd like for the amount due to display $250. (2) If a customer has missed a payment, or is a few days late, but soon pays their bill, I'd like to be able to click the "Paid" Check Box set and the "Missed Payments" counter to go back to "0" along with the payment due date rolling over to the next month. For example, If the "Missed Payments" counter is showing a "1" and the "Payment Due Date" field  is showing 7/14/2011 and highlighted in red, and I then click the "Paid" Check Box set, I'd like the two fields not to be displayed in red anymore, the "Missed Payments" counter to go back "0" and the "Payment Due Date" to then display 8/14/2011 (Move forward by 1 month). (3) I have a table with set-up with all the services I offer each with their own Service Item Number. On my main table, I'd like to be able to set up a Check List that doubles a record of when and exactly what the work was done. I've added a button in the layout to "Begin Checklist", but so far all it does is insert a Time Stamp when I click it. I'd like to be able to create the Time Stamp, then enter the Service Item Number, which automatically displays the service itself, instead of the number. And this one is purely cosmetic, but I'd only like there to be one Service Item Number to be visible to begin with, after I enter the first Service Item Number, another field below it becomes visible, and so on. I'd like all this to back up to my database somehow, which I'm sure FMPro will take care of that automatically. I apologize for the length here, but I'm a new comer to FMPro and I know absolutely nothing about scripting. Again, any help anyone out there can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.