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    Trouble with table relationships



      Trouble with table relationships


      I have created a dummy database (FM Pro 10, Mac OS 10) with two tables: contacts and donations. The goal is to be able to show donations made over time per contact.

      I've set this up so each contact gets a contact ID (Auto-enter serial, Can't modify auto). I've made relationships between the two tables. What's not working: The Contact ID is not showing up in the donations table, and the donations aren't showing up in the contacts table (donations data: amount, date, thank you letter sent-date). I've spent 3 weeks on this now, working from Coffey & Prossner and trying unsuccessfully to find answers in FM's Help database. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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          Here's one way:


          Open manage | Database | Relationships


          Double click the relationship line that links Contacts to Donations ( You DO have such a link don't you?)

          Enable "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for donations.


          Create a portal on your Contacts layout that refers to Donations and place the fields you need to log the donations.

          WHen you enter data in the bottom blank row of this portal, Filemaker will create a new record and enter the matching Contact ID into this new record for you.