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    Trouble with tables



      Trouble with tables


      I'm new to Filemaker - switched from using Microsoft Access for the last ten years. I'm running File Maker Pro 9 on Mac OS X 10.6.2 locally not networked.

      Trouble I'm having is I created a table and added thirteen fields to it. The Thirteenth field would not display in any of the three views. I went back to manage and clicked on table then fields and they are all there.


      Second problem - when I delete a table - making sure to also delete it in the Relationships window - they still show up in the layout list.


      Third - and reason I came accross the second problem was one table I made - complete with five fields - all three views would only show my "primary" key field.


      Last but not least - I'm not sure if this is a bug or if its the way the program is supposed to behave but when I reorder the field order in the Manage Database window it doesn't always reflect in any of the three views either. I got around this in table view by dragging and dropping but not in form or list view.
      For the most part I'm wanting things displayed in table view - I like seeing all my data in a list not one at a time in a form.


      I'm wondering if maybe my whole database is corrupt already and I should just start over again?


      - Jim



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          Tables and Layouts are separate.


          You can have several layouts that view data from 1 table.


          Adding fields to the table, doesn't necessarily add it to any layout.  You can set individual layouts to automatically add new fields, but you need to be viewing the layout when you add the field in Manage Database screen.


          You can insert a field manually on a layout...and even select the table occurrence that it shows data from.


          As for "Table" view, "Form" view and "List" view...you can have a layout display whichever one you want.  Typically, if you are going to go between the 3 views (or give the option), you would create 3 separate layouts, that way you can control the way each one looks.  Although that is not absolutely necessary.

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            Thanks - good to know - thought I was going to lose my mind.