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Trouble with Time Calculation

Question asked by Atkins on Sep 23, 2013
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Trouble with Time Calculation



     I believe what I'm trying to do should be fairly simple, and I've used several templates and the help file to double-check my work, yet I'm still not getting the desired results.  This is easy:

  •           I have a "Time" field that is an auto-enter calculation that grabs the time from a timestamp upon import.  This WORKS and I have verified the data in this field to be in the correct time format (24hour).
  •           I have a Calculation field where I'm trying to calculate what time of day the Time field is.  I've attached a screenshot of this calculation for your reference.

     Currently all of the records/times are producing result number 1, "Morning".  No matter what I put in I only get the first result back.  I've tried formatting my equation any and every way I can think of with no luck.  Why does this not work?  Any help is greatly appreciated!