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Trouble With Value List

Question asked by JamesCarr on Jan 25, 2013
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Trouble With Value List


     I have confused mysef.

     I have a solution that sets up seating arrangements. I start out on a main page table and mark one of 3 fields men women and couples with an "X". The second table is a Names Table. Each record in the Names Table has the same three fields as the Main table plus a name field that is a calculation of First Name and Last Name(text result). For each record in the Names Table There is an "X" in either the men or women field and an "X" in the couple field if necessary. The three fields are related. The third table is for the actual seating containing multiple name fields (name 1, name 2 and so on. These are related to the Names Table through the calculated name field. The value list I want to create is a list of names based on selection of the main table. If I mark main table men with "X" I only want to show those names in the names table taht are marked accordingly. Same with the women and couples. I have tried and tried to make this work but just cant seem to get it.

     Thanks in advanced