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Troubleshooting a possible field calculation

Question asked by W.D. on May 13, 2014
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Troubleshooting a possible field calculation


     Hello out there. I am new to Filemaker and have been having some trouble with a project I have. 

     The goal: To make a printable listing of available new AND used products and pricings to hand out to potential customers and clients. I have everything set up except one problem

     The problem: My original layout has 3 fields for pricings; Our Purchase Price (what we paid for it), MAP (minimum purchase price. This only applies to new items), and Our Selling Price. Here is what I need to show up on the new printable layout:

     IF the item is NEW = MAP

     If the item is USED = Our Selling Price

     Is there a way to have one field on a layout to show the appropriate price? Even though most NEW items will have an entry in MAP and Our Selling Price

     I am still learning calculations and scripts, which is what this probably requires. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!