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Troubleshooting help needed!  Can't control navigation

Question asked by Radcon on Apr 27, 2010
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Troubleshooting help needed!  Can't control navigation


I have a fieldA where the user chooses one of two options with a radio button set.  This fieldA is on several layouts that are very similar and all behave as expected except one. The fieldA is not on the default tab (there are two tabs). There is a OnObjectModify script attached to fieldA that sends the user to the next fieldB that has a conditional value list based on the choice made in fieldA  (Same script for all)

Tab orders on the layouts were cleared and a single selection was chosen on the non-default layout tab- where fieldA & fieldB are located.

I have compared the selections in the Field/Control>Setup & Behavior boxes a multitude of times and can see no differences.

The layouts do not have script triggers attached.


Yet, on this one layout only, as soon as a selection is made in FieldA, the default tab appears and a completely different field is selected. The user has to click back into the other non-default tab to complete the choice selection in fieldB where the conditional VL is.


I would greatly appreciate suggestions about where to look to find what I have done to make this one layout different!


FMP10 Advanced; Windows XP;  I sometimes work on this file at home with FMP 11 on a Mac.