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troubleshooting portals and table view

Question asked by jhc on Apr 22, 2014
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troubleshooting portals and table view



     I have a script that doesn't seem to work. It's supposed to write the contents of two related tables into a field. But my output doesn't seem to have anything except for the last two entries. 

     So I am troubleshooting to see what's actually being written into that related table. But when I try to open the related table in table view I don't see any items. It's blank. I double checked my table relationships and my table manager and the table does indeed exist and there are many fields supposedly there somewhere. 

     Any idea why my related table doesn't show any fields in the table view mode? 

     my FMP file is here:

     The script "export2KML" is supposed to create a KML file in the attribute: "g_accumulate4KMLCode" in the table "dike_inspection_details" which is linked to "dike_inspection_general" 

     the main form is "Dike Inspection" and it has a portal that is supposed to link the related records.