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Troubleshooting Preview mode

Question asked by tuca on Jun 8, 2009
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Troubleshooting Preview mode




I am a scientist new to FMP, though with some experience in DB design. I am using FMP 8.0v2 in Mac OS 10.5. I have created a database with 7 tables, some of them have few records (such as study regions), others have hundreds of entries (such as specimens and observations), with various levels of details; the most complete table has 20 fields, but 4 of them are drawn from another table. All relationships seem to be working fine and the data/design can be viewed without problems on Browse, Find and Layout modes. However, only the first table can be viewed in Preview Mode. All the others appear as a blank page. How can solve that? I am concerned that later I might have troubles in printing reports or that part of the data might be missing. I tried all options in Layout Setup, but the problem persists. Which is (or are) my mistake(s)?


Thanks for any help!