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    Troubleshooting scripts



      Troubleshooting scripts


      I'm having problems getting the results I'm expecting so I'm using the 'Show Custom Dialog' script within my scripts to show me the values of my globals and variables.  I had hoped to have a nice list show up in the dialog box and had been typing the following:
      "$$Alpha = " & $$Alpha
      "$$Beta = " & $$Beta

      but I'm getting an error in just the setup of this box, I'm guessing because I don't have some type of a 'return' character between the two lines.  I tried the double 'P' character but that didn't work.
      Any ideas?







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          If you are getting "some kind of error" it's very helpful to the forum if you tell us what that error message is. wink

          Best guess is that you need to use this expression:

          "$$Alpha = " & $$Alpha & ¶ &
          "$$Beta = " & $$Beta

          And here's another way to get the same result:

          List ( "$$Alpha = " & $$Alpha ; "$$Beta = " & $$Beta )

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            PS. Beg, borrow, steal or otherwise acquire the needed funds to get FileMaker Advanced. By using it's data viewer and script debugger, you can step through a problem script step by step and see the value of every field and variable for every step without needing to insert show custom dialog steps. And if any script triggers are being tripped by your script and the triggered script then pauses your script to run, you'll see those pop up into the debugger as well--which can be a true "light bulb" moment for you.

            This can save you many hours of frustration with a complex script that isn't working for you.