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    Troubleshooting sliding issues



      Troubleshooting sliding issues


           So, I know about using the sliding features on Filemaker but I would like to fit more on the page, but I cannot get it to work. There are still gaps between records and it will not condense as much as I would like. There are gaps before certain records and not others. 

           This is what I have checked so far: All the fields in the body are set to slide AND resize, and the body is as small as it will let me make it. 


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               What does this layout look like in Layout Mode?

               Note that fields can appear empty but fail to slide because they aren't actually empty--having space or return characters in them that keep the layout from sliding up.

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                 Here is what the layout looks like in Layout mode.

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                   Is the horizontal line at the bottom of the body layout part set up to slide AND to resize the enclosing part?

                   What I see here suggests that one field set to slide up  is not set to resize the enclosing part.

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                     All fields are set to resize enclosing part, including the line. I have tried to set all fields to slide up based on only objects directly above AND all objects above. Still no luck.

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                       Yet what I see is a horizontal line and fields that slide up, yet the body part is not resized. So I apologize for this post, but are you sure you didn't miss the "resize" option for one of the sliding layout objects?

                       If I didn't see the line slide up, I'd suspect a return or other nonvisible characters in a field keeping that field from resizing, but since i see things slide correctly but not resize...

                       PS. "directly above" and "all above" will produce identical results in this type of layout. Those settings only make a difference when you have multiple layout objects placed in a horizontal row and set to slide up.

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                         Yes, I have checked and double checked all fields. They all have enclosed part clicked. I even checked to see if there is some hidden field behind everything and as far as I can tell there is nothing. It does appear to only allow a set number of fields per page. Is there a setting that could change that? Perhaps that is why it will not slide???

                         I'm out of ideas.

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                           The number of fields or records should not be an issue on this layout and should not affect sliding.

                           Hmmm, Is the text object with the merge fields ( <<Brand>><<Model>>) set to slide and resize?

                           If all else fails, try this experiment: duplicate this layout and remove one layout object at a time from it, previewing after each change to see if removing any one layout object produces a visible difference in what does or does not slide.

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                             okay. I did the experiment. I duplicated the layout, then took all fields off one by one until there was nothing in the body. None of them changed the gap. Then I wanted to see if perhaps a header or footer item was effecting it somehow. I went until nothing was left on the page except for one arbitrary field I placed in the body to see if it would slide. Nothing worked. There is still gaps even with only one field in the body and nothing else on the page. 

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                               Then try creating a brand new layout. Perhaps this layout is damaged. Don't try recreating every detail at first, just enough to see if you can get things to slide for you.

                               If that doesn't work, I suggest that you consider making a copy of your file with just a few example records (no sensitive data) available for down load via a sharing site such as Drop Box so that others can take a look at it.

                               PS. I've use sliding fields since my first "for hire" database project back in FileMaker 2.5, so I know this should work...