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True or False: Tabbed panels don't work in list view?

Question asked by AndrewSleeth on Jun 4, 2014
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True or False: Tabbed panels don't work in list view?


     I'm attempting to devise a means of visually comparing lists comprising hundreds to thousands of records with a wide array of data fields by using tab controls. The idea is to group related data under separate tabs to facilitate easily flipping through the related data without the necessity of horizontal scrolling -- functionality other database software, like Oracle, can readily perform.

     Unfortunately, it appears FileMaker's tab panels aren't designed for this purpose, that is, they're ineffective with multi-record sets using list view.

     What happens is, if you position the tabs in a header part so the tabs themselves only appear in the header while in browse mode, and then position the field arrays along a narrow row of the body so the records' data appear as a list with no wasted space, the fields on ALL of the tab panels appear together, simultaneously superimposed on top of each other.  (I'd upload a screen image here, but I'm working with FERPA-protected records.)

     I've experimented with various elements of panel and object formatting -- fills, back/front arrangement -- to introduce opacity to the tab panels, without effect.  As long as any portion of the tabs remain in the header, the superimposition effect persists.  But of course, moving the whole of the panels, tab and all, into the body part only defeats the purpose of having the tabs in the header, namely, so they appear only at the top of the screen.

     Can anyone confirm the impossibility of what I'm trying to make tab controls do in FileMaker Pro 13?  or have I overlooked some aspect of the tab control's mechanics/layout.

     -- Andrew