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True Text Transparency and missing Pattern Palette?

Question asked by doronkipper on Jun 21, 2013
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True Text Transparency and missing Pattern Palette?


     I'm trying to set text on my layout to be truly transparent, so that it only appears on a graphic when a condition is met (conditionally formatting the text to turn black when a field is empty)

     But whenever I set the text to transparent (I assume that is what the white box with the red line through it is in the color setting under "text" in the inspector), it still shows up as white.  When I go back to layout mode, my transparent setting has reverted to "white".  

     I looked through the forums for a solution, and I've seen a couple of mentions of a Patterns Palatte that lets you choose true transparency, but I cannot find it.  Is this palette present in Filemaker Pro 12?