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Truly Bizarre Record Behavior

Question asked by jrobgk1 on Mar 2, 2012
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Truly Bizarre Record Behavior



I have a table of Venues we use to plug in to a table "events".  We have noticed in the past couple of days that some of the Venue field of "Venue::Name" has multiple entries of the same name in the field.  For example, instead of reading "Magruders", the field says, "Magruders Magruders Magruders Magruders Magruders Magruders Magruders".  

while there is a dropdown list in the event record to select a venue, it only refers to the Venue::ID, not the name.  

How the hell is this happening?  it's not with EVERY venue, but enough of them are having multiple names in the field that i am super suspicious of something else going on...

any thoughts out there?


FM Pro11.0.3, data is on hosted FM Server