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Try to summarize a summary field

Question asked by nvandenburgh on Sep 17, 2009
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Try to summarize a summary field


I have this solution that works really well for Medicaid billing, however Medicaid just changed the rules and I need to group things differently.  It's hard to explain without seeing the solution, but here goes.


I have a table report layout where I list billing records for a given billing rate, day and time.(see image below).  The trick is that if a client is seen more than once per day, using the same billing code, but a different time then the minutes and units need to be grouped together and truncated to the nearest 1/4 billing unit rounding down.  The report below shows this. The sub totals work fine, but the grand total does not.  If a report has a set of grouped units on it the grand total is off.  With the example below, the sub totals are correct, but the grand total should be 70, not 71.  That's because the grand total summary can not summarize a summary field correctly.


I've tried summarizing in other table, but then you run into the problem of the summary field summarizing every record instead of just the grouped summary field data.  I've even tried exporting the data, but again, the export exports the summary field for each record, again throwing off the grand total.


Does anyone have any suggestions or similar solution.  Let me know if you need further explanation.