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Trying something entirely new

Question asked by dohardthings on Apr 17, 2009


Trying something entirely new


this is the first that I have ever attempted anything with filemaker and it is proving to be a challenge.  If there is anyone that would like to let me pick their brain, I would be much obliged.  I am attempting to set up a record keeping deal where we can keep track of gear signed in and out on a given date, by a certain group.  Each item is numbered like tent1 tent2 with checkboxes.  All this information in entered on the initial screen.  Then this is where I get stuck.  I would like to be able to track on a separate screen in some kind of list deal with search capabilites so I can pull up a date and see what gear is out and to whom.  Also, at the end of the year be able to print out a report that lists each item and how many times it was used and things like that.  I don't understand the fields and values very well.  Particularly the check box.  How do I check tent1, tent2, and tent3 and get that to translate to 3 tents on another screen. 

Has anyone done something similar to this that could lend me their smarts.  :) thank you!!