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Trying to "GetLayoutObjectAttribute"

Question asked by artdoc on Jun 2, 2014
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Trying to "GetLayoutObjectAttribute"


     Not critical, just frustrating! I put a new popover button on a layout, then went to demo a file for a guy who is still FM12 and found the feature didn't work on 12; I also found that the hide/show function was not working on an FM 12 machine. I wanted to create a work-around, thinking I'd move an object off-screen and then replace it with the "GetLayoutObjectAttribute", but I've tried all I could think of to get that "left" number (text). I started with a $left variable, but nothing. Tried GetasText, tried a script to set a text field, insert a calculated result,...Simply no results at all.

     I found my way around the lack of a popover button by opening a small floating window ith a single field of info, so while not as elegant (or fun!), it does work with a button to pop it up. Now if I could figure out why I can't seem to grab the object data for the left of another object, I could try moving it.. Anyone?