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Trying to Analyze a Subset of Related Records

Question asked by jhowlin on Apr 13, 2012
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Trying to Analyze a Subset of Related Records


So I have a Customers table and a Products table. Customers can have many Products.


I am trying to create a found set of customers that own one product, and then see what their ownership numbers are like for all the remaining products.


Any ideas? I am ALWAYS running into issues where my summary fields or counting fields are coming up with the total count of customers in the found set, not counting customers within for each individual title. Or they are counting just the first record in a a related field instead of going through all of them.

I have an OK grasp of SQL and relational db design, but I feel like I'm just not grasping something with FMPro that is keeping me at 90% here, which is unfortunately not close enough!


Can anyone recommend any good very technical books or websites or documentation to read?