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Trying to build equipment audit tool

Question asked by mediadavet on Nov 17, 2013
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Trying to build equipment audit tool


     Newbie so feel free to gently abuse my lack of understanding.

     I have a project to build a tool to audit an installation periodically (every 6 months) and we need to send a technician around the site with an ipad filling in a number of questions and taking pictures of non-compliant items.

     I have set up the database and I am just trying to build a set of questions that are common for the audit, and use them to generate the data for the audits as we go along.

     What I am struggling with is how to set those questions up on a layout, so the technician can answer them, and how to save those into the audit responses database.

     Any advice would be good and I would be happy to clarify if I am being too vaugue.