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    Trying to build equipment audit tool



      Trying to build equipment audit tool


           Newbie so feel free to gently abuse my lack of understanding.

           I have a project to build a tool to audit an installation periodically (every 6 months) and we need to send a technician around the site with an ipad filling in a number of questions and taking pictures of non-compliant items.

           I have set up the database and I am just trying to build a set of questions that are common for the audit, and use them to generate the data for the audits as we go along.

           What I am struggling with is how to set those questions up on a layout, so the technician can answer them, and how to save those into the audit responses database.

           Any advice would be good and I would be happy to clarify if I am being too vaugue.



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               Before you can design a layout, you have to have a data model that best supports what you want to do. Multiple response fields: Response1, Reponse2... don't look like the best way to set this up.

               An audit is really a kind of survey. Your auditor needs to be presented with a list of questions for which the auditor records answers--and the answer can include a picture inserted into a container field.

               For a start, take a look at this thread on surveys and note the way that tables and relationships are set up  in order to make this work:Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.

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                 Hi Phil,

                 I have read through all these threads and even written the scripts suggested, but I am getting confused here. I understand that the questions are best organised in one field which makes sense, but I think I misunderstood if the responses to these questions are stored in one field multiple records, or multiple fields one record, for each audit.

                 You are right that its basically a survey, and the responses would be pass/fail with comments for corrective actions, and multiple images in some cases.

                 I am having trouble understanding how to generate the questions in the layout from the table I created. I made some dummy content up and used the portal, but it kept giving me a blank cell and I have no idea how to progress through the questions and capture the answer data 

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                   Each response should be recorded in the same field of a different record. That way, you can link each response to the correct record in questions in order to link each response to the question that it answers.

                   There is more than one way to set up such a layout. A layout based on Questions could be pulled up with fields to Response records included for recording the responses. Such a layout would require a different relationship than shown in the thread that I suggested, but it can be made to work.

                   On the other hand, a script can loop through your set of questions records and create one new response record with the appropriate QuestionID for each question. You can then present these records on a layout based on Responses and the questions from the related question table can be added to the layout simply by adding those fields from the related questions table occurrence. And you can use a portal to a related images table to link multiple images to a single survey response record.

                   Either way, your layouts can use form view to present one question at a time to the user or it can be a list view so that you can see multiple questions (and the responses) at the same time.