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    Trying to build reports for Volunteer Database


      Trying to build reports for Volunteer Database


      I haven't used filemaker much since version 6. I'm working on setting up a volunteer database. It has 4 major tables, volunteer info, activities, organization, and volunteer requests. I need to build a couple of reports tracking activities for a specified date range, per client and per client type. I followed the instructions for building a date range script at the following url: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5912/~/how-to-write-a-script-that-finds-a-range-of-dates-in-filemaker-pro

      I'm getting stuck on trying to run the script. The new fields I created aren't searchable and as a result the script is returning an error. Any help would be appreciated.

      Here's the script incase it's helpful:


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          One thing wrong. You need to put ".." (or "...") between the dates for a "range" find. Also, it is no longer necessary to use Insert Calculated Result in modern versions of FileMaker; it's not "wrong", but you can use the usual Set Field instead.

          Set Field [ Activities::Date of Activity; Activities::Start Date & ".." & Activities::End Date ]

          I am assuming that Activities::Start Date and Activities::End Date are global fields? They should be. They also should be named so you can tell by their names.

          A couple of enhancements. If one of your IsEmpty tests fail, you could put a Go To Field before the Exit Script. That way they'll be left in the field and can enter a date easier. 

          Optionally, at the end, if you use Set Error Capture ["On"] (before the Perform Find), then test for Get (LastError) = 0 right after, then you could only clear the globals if a Find was successful; that way they could see the dates which did not work, and modify, without having to start over.

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            thanks for your suggestion that did provide the desired output. I'm looking for run the query and the report in the same layout. So I'll play with this a bit more to see if I can get it to work.