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Trying to connect to Macintosh addressbook

Question asked by FrederickJ.Northrop on Feb 5, 2011
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Trying to connect to Macintosh addressbook


I am running Filemaker Pro 11.
I am trying to connect to the AddressBook database (/users/_user_name/Library/ApplicationSupport/AddressBook/Addressbook-v22.abcddb
This is a SQLite3 file. I can view the tables using SQLite3 or SQLiteManager
I set up a System DSN to the file using the Actual Technologies driver.
In Filemaker
I select the menu File-Manage-External Sources
I select ODBC for type and the DSN I just created (it will not locate or load "local" DSNs)
I provide my username and password (admin level)
I specify a table and "filter by type"
I select the menu File-Manage-Database
I select the Relationships Tab
I push the add table button
Select the new connection
Error dialog comes up "The ODBC data source you have selected is not supported."
Any ideas?