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    Trying to constrain a found set



      Trying to constrain a found set


      I have a found set of email addresses over a five state area, and would like to just have those of two state locations out of a total of five state locations. I have figured out how to constrain the set to be one state but have not been able to figure out how to extend the find to include the second state.


      And by the way this forum rocks, you all have been very helpful! 

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          Let's assume for this example that the two states are Nevada and California.


          Enter find mode.

          Type in Nevada in the state field.

          Select Requests | Add new request

          You'll see a new blanked field view of your layout.

          Enter California

          Perform the find.


          You'll now have a found set of all Nevada and California records.


          This can also be scripted.