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    Trying to create a 'related contacts' table like in the CONTACT MANAGEMENT FMP 10 template



      Trying to create a 'related contacts' table like in the CONTACT MANAGEMENT FMP 10 template


      I am using filemaker 10 on windows xp. I am have been using FM for years but this is my first time building a database.  


      I am a commecial real estate broker and I sell shopping centers. I have built a great database that lists all of the information about each shopping center and the owner. each record is a single record with the shopping center info and the ownership info.


      I would like to create a 'related contacts' table with a radio button set that would show a few fields from other records with the same:

      center name


      Last Name



      Very simliar to the related contacts radio buttom set in the contact mangement template.


      How do I create this? Do I need to use a script? I am a total beginner.


      Thanks in advance.

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          When you want to duplicate the feature(s) of a supplied template file, the first thing to do is open a copy of the template and investigate how it was done in the template. You can examine that parts of the layout while in layout mode to learn what options where selected in setting up the layout and also to identify the table occurrence names referenced. You can then open Manage | Database and investigate the relationships and field definitions.


          Have you done that yet?


          I find the technique used is a filtered relationship that exploits a computed multi-value key so that selected values in the radio button field will act to filter the list of records displayed in your portal.


          Here's the relationship you need (subsitute your field and table occurrence names for mine):


          YourMainTable::Similars = SimilarContacts::MultiKey AND

          YourMainTable::PrimaryKey ≠ SimilarContacts::PrimaryKey


          SimilarContacts is a 2nd table occurrence of YourMainTable. You create it by Selecting YourMainTable in Manage | Database | Relationships and clicking the button with two green plus signs to duplicate it. Then you rename it and link it to YourMainTable.


          PrimaryKey should be an auto-entered serial number so that it uniquely identifies each record in YourMainTable.

          Similars is a calculation set to return text:


          Case ( RadioButtonField = "Center Name" ; CenterNameField ;

                        RadioButtonField = "Company" ; CompanyField ;

                        RadioButtonField = "Last Name" ; LastNameField ;

                        RadioButtonField = "City" ; CityField ;

                        "" )  /* last parameter, ; "" , may be omitted if you prefer */


          MultiKey is a calculation field set to return text: List ( CenterNameField ; CompanyField ; Last Name ; CityField )


          Note: this is a farily sophisticated thing for a total beginner to tackle. Don't hesitate to ask more questions if this isn't completely clear or you try it and it doesn't work.