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Trying to create a Message and Phone log

Question asked by gremlin9297 on Dec 5, 2014
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Trying to create a Message and Phone log


Im trying to create a solution that will keep track of both phone calls and phone messages. Let me try to explain what im trying to do. I currently have a table for "Contacts" that stores the members "Name", "Phone Number", and "Plan Code". I have another table "Messages" for phone messages which contains "Date", "Time", "Message Action", "Message", "Message Response". The last table "Call Log" is for phone calls which contains "Date", "Time", "Type", "Notes". Both the "Message" and "Call Log" tables will be pulling information from contacts. Date and Time for "Messages" will be entered manually while "Call Log" will be entered automatically when the record is created. If possible I would like to have both the "Call Log" and "Messages" be on the same Form Layout in a tab setup. *Screen shot to be included*  The idea is to be able to create a record and when I begin to enter the contacts name, if it already has been entered before that it will automatically pull up with the contacts information. For extreme added bonus, when I pull up the contact I would like a portal to reflect any messages or calls that relate to that contact which I can click on and it will be pull up that message or call log depending on which tab is currently active. 

If anyone can please help me I would really appreciate it. I've made a couple attempts but im really stuck. If need be I can start from the beginning to make sure its done properly. Thank you for any help you can offer