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Trying to create a summary expenses report - help!

Question asked by MarciaMorrison on Aug 29, 2013
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Trying to create a summary expenses report - help!


     Dear Collective Wisdom,

     After a couple months on other projects, I'm back to FileMaker. I'm trying to create a summary report of yearly household expenses, from an expenses database that now contains several years worth of data. 

     I've been reading up on subsummary reports, and I've been able to create a simply report and associated script that gives me a summary total for one particular category, but I'm running into a wall trying to create a larger report that contains a total for each major category, totals for each subcategory, and a grand total for the year, and also shows each month's actual and each month's average expense for the various categories /subcategories. I do not want to see individual data entries in this report, that would make it way too cumbersome. 

     In trying to wrestle this to the ground, I made up a little food expenses db. I'm attaching a screen shot of what I've got. 

     I'm hoping that if someone can show me how to do this with this tiny test database, I will be able to extrapolate to the larger real-world case. 

     Thanks in advance for any advice!