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    Trying to deduct inventory across the BOM Database



      Trying to deduct inventory across the BOM Database


           I have built a database that represents our BOM, including every screw, fan, and circuit board.  We build a medical device.  What I'm trying to do is create a field so that the production manager can input in one place that he is going to pull materials for let's say 6 devices.  Assume for example that 2 screws, 1 mother board, and 3 wires are needed.  There is an entry in the database for each of those parts, with individual inventory counts.

           Once the Production Manager somehow enters the number 6, then a calculation will be automatically run across the database to deduct the needed parts from each inventory record, 12 Screws (6 devices x 2 screws), 6 mother boards (1 Motherboard x 6 devices), and 18 wires (3 Wires x 6 Devices).

           How do I do this?  I can't use Global entries, because another part of my inventory formulas use stored numbers and Filemaker doesn't seem to like that so much...any ideas?

           I've included a Screen shot for an explanation

           Beginning Count = The inital count of the inventory

           Purchased Units = Subsequent Additions to the Inventory

           Returned Units = Inventory parts that are being returned or pulled out of inventory

           Inventory Adjustment = allows for inventory adjustments during periodic counts

           Cumulative Use Units = Cumulative Use Units + Build Count (this is the running total of builds for the product manager

           Current Inventory = (Beginning Count + Purchased Units) - (Returned Units + Inventory Adjustment + Cumulative Use Units)

           Build Count = Number of devices that need to be built.


           Thanks for any help.  Please forgive any spelling mistakes....I'm THIS close to the loony bin...