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Trying to get a total on a subsummary report

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Mar 14, 2010
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Trying to get a total on a subsummary report


I am having a hard time with this report!


It's a itemized statement of accounts for past due invoices sorted by client and invoice ids.   It's sorting portals and does a fine job in that respect.  The problem is trying to total these portals.  I can't use the final column (new balance) because the first row is picked up instead of the last so I made a subtotal field which calculates the final balance.  That works fine. 


I'm trying to get a total of the subtotals and that is what is not working.  I have a subsummary part at the end with the Total Statement  Amount field that does not show anything.  At first this field was sum(subtotal) and I got nothing.  Next I tried making the subtotal a subsummary part and that didn't work.  I tried various combos with the just the field subtotal and it is still blank.


Can anyone help me?  This is the very last thing I need to do on this database.


Carolyn Haywood



FMP 10 Advanced Mac 10.6.2