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Trying to Get Extended Found Sets to work.

Question asked by BryceGarnons-Williams on Aug 3, 2013
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Trying to Get Extended Found Sets to work.


     Show all Records

     Enter Browse Mod []

     Got To Layout (“MSDS Search” (MSDS)

     Set Field [Global_Table::Name1; “”]

     Set Field [Global_Table::Name2; “”]

     Set Field [Global_Table::Name3; “”]

     Go to Layout [“MSDS Search” (MSDS)] <-- Setting Name 1,2,3 on Global Table

     Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]

     Go to Layout [MSDS (MSDS)]

     Enter Find Mode []

     Set Field [MSDS::Visitor_Name; Global_Table::Name1]

     Perform Find []

     Set Field [MSDS::Visitor_Name; Global_Table::Name2]

     Extend Found Set[]

     Set Field [MSDS::Visitor_Name; Global_Table::Name3]

     Extend Found Set[]

     Go to Layout [“MSDS Report” (MSDS)]

     Enter Browse Mode

     Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog]


     I am trying to Find up to 3 name in a list, but it is not working is there anything obvious missing? Just can't get the Extend found sets to work

     I am using this on IWP.


     Thank you in advance for your help