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Trying to have "Next Contact Date" field automically updated

Question asked by RobertMitchell_1 on May 20, 2015
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Trying to have "Next Contact Date" field automically updated


This is a question regarding FM Pro 12

I've got the "Date" field automatically updating the "Next Contact Date" field to 2 days later.

e.g. So if the salesperson enters 05/15/2015 in the "Date" field, the "Next Contact Date" field automatically displays 05/18/2015

I have another field called "Follow-up Date" and would like this "Follow-up Date" to add 3 mores days of the current Follow-up Date to the "Next Contact Date" 

e.g. The salesperson enters the date 05/18/2015 in the "Follow-up Date" field and the "Next Contact Date" would automatically change it's field from 05/18/2015 to 05/21/2015.

Consequently if the salesperson enters 05/20/2015 in the "Follow-up Date" field, the "Next Contact Date" would automatically 05/23/2015

While I'm sure it can be done, in the fist row, I have many more "Follow-up Date" fields copied below which don't have any means to be edited. 

How can this be done?  I would appreciate any help. Thank you.