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Trying to import contacts but avoid duplications.

Question asked by weedonpaul on Jul 18, 2012
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Trying to import contacts but avoid duplications.


I have a excel list with 93 contacts.

the fields in the list are: First Name, Last name, JobTitle, Company, Phone number, Email

I would like to import this list into filemaker. However, some of these contacts I may have and I don't want to overwrite them as i may have notes against their name. I only want the contacts that I don't have already.

the list is from a trade show.

After I have all the names in the database I would like to add to each of their notes that they are at the trade show without overwritting any other information that may be in the notes. 

How can I do this, I have tried so many ways but always end up with duplications or replacing contacts that i had and losing their notes.

Many thanks


PS using filemaker pro 11