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Trying to indent a specific text in a layout.

Question asked by AdamHorne on Feb 4, 2014
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Trying to indent a specific text in a layout.


     I have an orders layout, where I place the main/parent items on the order. When I click a button, I have a script that runs and checks an accessories table for any items that go along with the parent.  If so, it adds the accessory items to the orderlines.   How would I indent or tab the accessory items over?   
Order Preview
     In this case, I added "12/18K ARRIMAX PAR HEAD" as a parent and its remaining items will be added via the script. 
     I was thinking of creating a field to mark the items during the script and if the item was marked it would indent the text using a conditional format option.  After the printing was complete, it would set that field back to null.   However, I would prefer to show the text indented on my Orders layout, too.   
      Here is how my Relationship Graph looks, it needed: