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Trying to learn about join tables

Question asked by Amy on May 22, 2009
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Trying to learn about join tables


Hi all, I'm building my first FileMaker database, and I need some help with a join table.


I'm trying to track the process of assigning students to mentors. Students are in the program for one year, and mentors continue to serve from year to year. Mentors frequently have more than one student; students rarely have more than one mentor (but it does happen). I have a table containing students (ID number, name, year, etc.) and a table containing mentors (ID number, name, etc.). I have also created a join table called Placements that has the student ID number and the mentor ID number as foreign keys. It also has a field for the year, as I am interested in looking at all the placements for a given year.


I'm not sure how to set up a layout in the context of the join table so that I can reasonably assign students to mentors. Once I get that figured out, from a layout showing a student's record, I'd like to be able to see who his/her mentor(s) is/are. And from a layout showing a mentor's record, I'd like to have a portal listing all of his/her students.


In the back of my mind, several months down the road I'm hoping to expand the functionality of the database so that I can also track potential matches between students and mentors in addition to confirmed matches.  


Any tips or advice to help me make progress? I've already tried reading "The Missing Manual," but I'm still stumped -- and feeling nostalgia for good television that's been cancelled.