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Trying to lookup values into a portal

Question asked by RichNasser on Nov 12, 2013
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Trying to lookup values into a portal




     I have a table RecipeIngredient that has RecipeID IngredientID and Qty to signify lines in a recipe.  The ingredients and recipe IDs are from self-joined TOs (Recipe table).  This mimics the BOM to model recipe components and sub-components.

     Also, I have a Lookup field in RecipeIngredient that gets the value of the Description of the ingredient/recipe from the Recipe table

     What I can't do:

     From RecipeIngredient layout context I have created a portal (by using a self-join TO of RecipeIngredient). I'd like to display the recipe or ingredient description using the lookup, but I also want the recipe or ingredient id as well.  Somehow  when I create a lookup for the ID, both lookups are not related.

     I need the description so users can locate ingredients by name, but I need the ID to create the RecipeIngredient line.