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Trying to make a Calculation!!

Question asked by BrandonWorkman on Nov 15, 2013
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Trying to make a Calculation!!


     I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I'm trying to make a calculation and I've never done them before. 

     I'm calculating for an RSVP list the number of people at a table based on the table number assigned.

     I have a field set aside where I'm assigning table 1, 2, 3... so on and so on.

     I have another field for number of guests, (Sally Jones for 2)

     I understand using the summary for having 200 people, but I'd like to calculate how many people are at each table. 

     So at table one based on Sally Jones for 2 and 8 other people are assigned to table 3, I need a calculation to recognized

     the ones that are assigned to table 3 and add up the summary of those 10 people giving me the output of 10.

     Can someone help me?!