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    Trying to make a Calculation!!



      Trying to make a Calculation!!


           I'm new to FileMaker Pro and I'm trying to make a calculation and I've never done them before. 

           I'm calculating for an RSVP list the number of people at a table based on the table number assigned.

           I have a field set aside where I'm assigning table 1, 2, 3... so on and so on.

           I have another field for number of guests, (Sally Jones for 2)

           I understand using the summary for having 200 people, but I'd like to calculate how many people are at each table. 

           So at table one based on Sally Jones for 2 and 8 other people are assigned to table 3, I need a calculation to recognized

           the ones that are assigned to table 3 and add up the summary of those 10 people giving me the output of 10.

           Can someone help me?!


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               It's important to know the structure of the table that forms the context for your calculation. I think that you have a record with these fields:

               TableNumber, GuestID (or name), numberOfGuests

               So if George Smith, party of 2 and John Johns, Party of 3 are assigned to Table 1, you have two records, one with 2 in the numberOfGuests field and one with 3.

               If that matches your table design, then you can add a summary field that computes the total of NumberofGuests.

               A summary report layout can then be set up  for list view where you Add a sub summary layout part "when sorted by TableNumber". You would then place the summary field inside this sub summary layout part and, as long as you keep your records sorted by TableNumber, it will show the total number of guests at that table.

               For more on summary reports, see this tutorial thread: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial