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Trying to open a SnapGene .dna file

Question asked by filemade on Jul 2, 2014
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Trying to open a SnapGene .dna file


     Hi guys as you might soon realize Im a huge newbie to the filemaker world, so i thought i could get your help on this issue.
     Basically Im making a database for a bunch of vectors of DNA in my lab, each vector has a specific .dna file that I need to link to in its record. Now I completely failed trying to setup a layout in which the user is allowed to insert the path for the .dna file in a field for its respective record.

     Then I tried setting up a button in a container field to send event to open the specific .dna file for that vector. I realized that filemaker or the Mac itself isn't recognizing the application that opens .dna files which is "snapGene". Even when i specify application to "SnapGene" ,the resulting header is Target Application <"unknown"> and when I go on with it anyways save layout and click on the button, it gives me an error saying "the notifications centre can't open this type of file". what's wrong here?

     this project is for my workplace and is very important to me. please help me!