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    Trying to open a SnapGene .dna file



      Trying to open a SnapGene .dna file


           Hi guys as you might soon realize Im a huge newbie to the filemaker world, so i thought i could get your help on this issue.
           Basically Im making a database for a bunch of vectors of DNA in my lab, each vector has a specific .dna file that I need to link to in its record. Now I completely failed trying to setup a layout in which the user is allowed to insert the path for the .dna file in a field for its respective record.

           Then I tried setting up a button in a container field to send event to open the specific .dna file for that vector. I realized that filemaker or the Mac itself isn't recognizing the application that opens .dna files which is "snapGene". Even when i specify application to "SnapGene" ,the resulting header is Target Application <"unknown"> and when I go on with it anyways save layout and click on the button, it gives me an error saying "the notifications centre can't open this type of file". what's wrong here?

           this project is for my workplace and is very important to me. please help me!

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               If you double click the .dna file just from your Mac desktop, does it open correctly?

               If so, does this work?

               Use insert file to insert the .dna file into a container field that is NOT optimized for interactive content. Be sure to select the "store a reference" check box when inserting the file.

               Double click the container field

               Does the file open?

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                 yes the file opens correctly outside filemaker..it's opened by SnapGene program. I followed your instructions,double clicked and nothing opened. Im not sure however what you meant but "that is NOT optimized for interactive content". I also did pick reference only for storage

                 If this doesn't work, do you mind helping me learn how to open a folder at the very least? because then I would make a folder for each dna vector and avoid the file opening problem.


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                   What version of FileMaker are you using?

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                     the version I'm using is filemaker pro 13.0v3. I've decided to just open a folder for every vector.

                     Now I have a new slightly easier problem. My table is called "Products" and I have a field called "item" that user inputs name of item in. Now next to it i have a button that is supposed to open the folder of that item, i've assigned the button be an open Url and set the script to "file:///volumes/blah/blah2/common/Dropbox/foldername". Now folder name is the "item" name, I made it this way so after user inputs item's name in its field, the button automatically is scripted to open that item's folder. SO i changed Open Url script to "file:///voliumes/blah/blah2/common/Dropbox/Products::Item"  Products::Item which is supposed to be the folder name that the user inputted.

                     I exit layout, type in name of item, click on button; However now the button just clicks and doesn't work. What's the solution for this problem?

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                       Yet such shouldn't be necessary and may merit a but report in Report an Issue documenting this as FileMaker should be able to open any file with the default application specified for it. My suggestions were intended to rule out possible set up issues that could keep this from working for you.

                       If you take your container field that has not been optimized for interactive content, and use insert file to insert a simple text file with "store a reference" selected can you then get that text file to open by double clicking the container field?

                       If that works and snap gene doesn't, we've got a good case for a bug here.

                       Open Url script to "file:///voliumes/blah/blah2/common/Dropbox/Products::Item"

                       has the reference to the folder enclosed in quotes and so the text you've used here is used as part of the URL instead of the text stored in the item field. Use:

                       Open Url script to "file:///voliumes/blah/blah2/common/Dropbox/" & Products::Item

                       But if you can get Open URL to open the folder, why not use it to open the file?