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Trying to relate records - any help appreciated.

Question asked by tomgbernard on May 2, 2012
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Trying to relate records - any help appreciated.


Scenario for a "contacts" database:

3 records - 1) Husband, 2) Wife, 3) Wife's Mother...

I am trying to create a portal that would show the 1st level of related records.

The file would have an "add related record" button that would copy the current record's serial ID to the record I want to relate and visa versa - so that each record has the other's ID in it (OR, if better, another record is created somewhere with the related info in it... I can't seem to figure out which way is better / more elegant / easier)...

Example: from Husband I relate wife and each record would end up with the other's ID in it.

In the portal, Husband's record would show Wife as a related record... and Wife's record would show Husband.

Now I add Wife's Mother as a related record to Wife...

Now... Husband should only show wife... Wife's Mother should only show Wife... And Wife should show both Husband and Wife's Mother.

Any (and all) help appreciated.