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Trying to replace Goldmine CRM with Filemaker Pro

Question asked by uktivo on Sep 28, 2009
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Trying to replace Goldmine CRM with Filemaker Pro


Hi All,

We currently run on a Windows server, Goldmine CRM. We don't maximise our usage of Goldmine, in fact we only use such features as;

1. All incoming and outgoing emails are linked to the contact history, making for easy location of emails for the future.

2. MS office integration.. Basically taking goldmine feilds and inserting them into word / excel to create purchase orders, these are then likned also to the contact history.


I want to try and replace Goldmine with a system that will allow myself and one other worker to use OS x, currently Goldmine can not talk t Os X, this means we need to have windows installed which becomes a pain. Also, Goldmine does not allow remote (out of office) real time access without a big cost increase.


My question:

Can File maker Pro give me the above feature set? for both windows and OS x users on the same network or even remotely.


any help would be appreciated