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Trying to send a letter to specified contact

Question asked by GabrielleC. on Dec 10, 2014
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Trying to send a letter to specified contact






I am new to file maker and in an emergency (not the best way to introduce myself to this... XD)

We have a contact list, and we recently added new contact. In a field, the «category» one, we were entering data like «type x of person» and «type y of person», and now I want to send a letter only to those that are listed, in the category field, as «type y of person». (aka I want to add a specified condition to be fulfill in the filed category to use the data name, address, etc. in a layout) How do I do? I tried to follow some tutorial but it doesn't create what I want to do... 

thank you for you help and I wish you a great day!