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Trying to track training through FM

Question asked by bmitchel on Aug 16, 2010


Trying to track training through FM


Version 10.0V3

Windows XP Pro

Scoured the forums, but couldn't find an answer.

Trying to create a database that will track training topics covered in one training day.

I have a table that holds personnel and one that holds training topics, but my problem is creating one record for a training day that lets a user choose who was present and what topics were covered and retain how many hours of each topic were covered. I got it all working to input the data, but I am having problems getting the hours to coincide with the topics and credit given to each Person. Sorry if this is confusing.

I realize that if I had only one topic entered per record it wouldnt be a problem, but I need to track multiple training topics per day (record).

If there is a sample database I could mirror, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.