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Trying to use a background image on a print out

Question asked by dmarcus1260 on Nov 8, 2009
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Trying to use a background image on a print out


I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 (trial version) on my new MacBook Pro on Snow Leopard.


I'm trying to use a background image for my layout.  When I insert the picture it throws off the Body part.


I created a layout to be used as a Top 30 Radio Survey.  The Body part lists the songs on the music survey.  For the number one song, I want to use the album artwork for the background image to be displayed on the entire music survey.  I know I could print the album artwork from another application and then print the layout with the music survey in Filemaker Pro but that is so old school.  What I am trying to accomplish can be done fairly easy in Microsoft Access without forcing the record design to make room for the background image.  I really appreciate any help regarding this matter.  Thank you in advance.