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    Trying to use ADO and ODBC to access Filemaker



      Trying to use ADO and ODBC to access Filemaker



      I'm trying to set up a remotely hosted filemaker database so that I can access it with ADO from a Visual Basic program.

      I've followed the instructions about going to the Sharing option of the database and setting ODBC/JDBC to On. I've added the fmxdbc to the Full Acess privilege (which I have).

      I'm using Windows 7 with MDAC 6.1 and Filemaker 9v1.

      I've re-installed the xDBC drivers from the Filemaker CD.

      On the sharing dialog where I selected the ODBC to be ON, there is a text box headed "Currently Open Files" where the instructions say I'll be able to click on the database that I wish to share. This list is empty.

      Does anyone have any idea how I can set up the sharing on this database?


      Many thanks.